iPhone Simulator Folder does not exsist


Hi together,

in chapter 14 I was called to open “~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator” in Finder. But that folder does not exist on my Mac. Even if turn on showing all Files in Terminal it’s not there. Also searching with Finder doesn’t help.

Where can I find it ?
Btw. I have Mountain Lion 10.8.1 installed.



That folder nowadays is not visible in Finder.

You need to open the Terminal Application to see it:
Launch the Terminal Application and enter the following commands, terminating each by hitting the key:
cd ~/Library/"Application Support/iPhone Simulator"
cd Library
cd "Application Support"
cd "iPhone Simulator"


Thanks. Now I can at least see it and open its contents with terminal. But is there no way to make it visible in the Finder ?


In the Finder, hit Command-Shift-G and type in ~/Library, then hit enter.


Well I’ve done that before, but unfortunately there is no simulator-folder…


You’ve put ~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/ into that panel and hit enter and nothing came up?


Ahhhh…Thanks Joe. If I copy the full path then I get redirected to the folder. Only if I just open ~/Library/ there is is no iPhone Simulator folder. But the direct link works. Thanks.


Another method to display the ‘Library’ folder is that on the Finder, click on the ‘Go’ menu on the top toolbar to display the list of folders and press ‘option’ button. ‘Library’ will appear and you will be able to find the directory.


This is not working for me and I use a Voip Phone System. Is there another way to access the Library folder? Thanks.