Is it normal to have a whole bunch of bundle keys for my bundle?

While doing the challenge “Graded Quiz” I chose to declare two new variables mQuestionsAnswered and mQuestionsAnsweredCorrectly that I update whenever the True or False button is pressed. Recalculating these values on each click by iterating and checking through all questions seemed like a bad idea to me.

However, now I need to store these values in my bundle to save them from the activity’s destruction at a device rotation. What i wonder is this: Is it normal to declare a whole bunch of keys for saving data in my bundle when the application becomes more complex?

As your application grows, you may find that you want to move complexity out of the Activity and into your data model to make your code base easier to maintain. So to answer your question: yes, it’s possible, but no, managing all of those key/value pairs may not be what you want to do.