Is there a code repository for the book?



Is there a code repository for the code in the book? I bought the Kindle version of the book (and installed the Kindle app on my iMac) in the hopes that I’d be able to cut and paste the code samples. But, alas, neither the native kindle app nor the kindle cloud reader permit me to cut and paste code from the book.

I’m not really a beginner but its been a few years since I tried to code for the iPhone. Hence, I’m using this as a primer to get back up to speed and don’t really want to type everything in. I’m well aware of the need for semicolons at the end of each line - ha! :slight_smile: I own and have been through Aaron’s “CoCoa Programming for Max OS X”. that was a couple years ago and I thought for sure that the code samples were available online to cut and paste.

FYI … I heard Aaron on TWiT last week and that’s how I heard about and decided to buy this book.



:frowning: OK, found the answer here: