Is this book for me?


I wasn’t familiar with Java before starting this book, but have some procedural programming experience. I wouldn’t worry too much about the XML but the object oriented concepts of programming could become complex. As recommended on this forum, I’d have the accompanying book “Head first Java” (do not be deceived by it’s comical presentation) to understand the concepts of Objects. The BNR android book itself is accurate and detailed in it’s contents so if you read closely you’ll be ok.


I hadnt done any Java programming in years…but it’s like riding a bike. All you really need from Java are the basic concepts, mainly object oriented concepts. The syntax you can pick up as you go along. No real background required in xml, I had no xml experience. I suppose it might help some, but the book covers xml sufficiently for programming the exercises. That’s the main point, you’ll get out of the book as much as you put into it. Doing each exercise faithfully will matter most to your ability to grasp the concepts being presented.


Head First anything is AWESOME! I love their teaching style!


I guess yes, this book is a great help for almost anyone who has done something in his past in the field of programming and if you try to learn with full dedication that there is no reason why you cannot succeed in the world of android programming.