Isn't this a little hard?


Hello all,

I have already some objective-c experience, but not much, so i “kind of” knows what the NSRange class is, but i was just wondering something.

In this exercise you are thrown into a lot of new stuff, with little or no explanation on the how and why’s. Is it just me or are you starting to feel a little in over your head here? is this normal and will clear up later, or did i miss something?

I had a crack at the exercise and failed the first try, but i’m fairly confident i can get it running with some more time spent on it, but that is not the point. I am starting to feel a little in over my head (at least on the challenge, i can follow the book along pretty well i’d say).

So just wanted to know if i missed something, if it’s normal and if it will clear up later? The book is pretty good at letting you know that you will get to know this in later chapters but no such thing mentioned here.

I hope it made just a little sense.



As mentioned in the exercise, this is a little hard. If you don’t feel like doing battle with it – skip it for now and come back later.


Thank you for your answer. I almost got it so i’ll keep going a little more at it. :=) Great book, i’ll surely write a positive review on amazon after i’ve read it.


Having no programming experience at all, I have found myself having difficulty making the logical jumps required for the Challenges by myself; always need to look at the forum for others’ solutions just to get me started. It almost always makes immediate sense once I see it, but I can’t quite make that jump from the examples to the Challenge for myself yet. Certainly couldn’t with this second one :smiley:

Having said that, the first Challenge in this one was relatively easy for me, so maybe there’s hope yet.


I hope by now you’re feeling more confident! I certainly know how you felt when you started this thread. This is probably the fastest ‘instruction’ book I’ve ever read. I would have appreciated more examples and at least some listings of what the output should be for the challenges. That said, I think real challenges are good for me. And I’ve started searching other sites and even Apple’s Docs for help. So far, I have refused to look at any of the solutions for the second challenge. The first one was the easiest one in the book up to this point. I think I can do the second one also but I tend to want to make the output a little more informative and that can get me into trouble! I’ve probably wasted several hours trying to use an index to show in the output which led me to look at how to know how many items are in any array which led me to look into formatting when using NSLog instead of printf… you can see what I mean, I guess! :smiley: