Issues with incorrect errata or suggestions not in book


After looking over 10’s of android books I decided to go with BigNerdRanch over videos and other Android Development books. My biggest issue to this date is in Chapter 1 when a request for: To create a toast, you call the following method from the Toast class.
Then a slight example is given. MY ISSUE IS where should that be made at. Since code has to be written correctly and placed at the right section. There is nothing telling me where it should be placed at. Then after downloading your source code related to the subject of the book there is a slight difference with an addition to the menu getMenuInflater().inflate(, menu);
Which I had to google just to find that it works if activity_quiz is renamed quiz. Which is not even in the book. I don’t want to pester anyone. But how can I become good at something if those who I’m learning from don’t know what they are doing or saying. Don’t like my comments, then refund my money.


Listing 1.13 shows you where the Toast code should be placed.



I second your observations (ran into the same quiz issue that you report). How is one supposed to debug that without any mental models of how things are put together? Pretty disappointing in terms of updates (as a contrast the chaps who put out the ng-angular js book do an excellent job of updates).

Authors: We’d like to get things working and then figure out how the pieces fit together. This is made problematic by changes in the current adt download that is sure to trip newbies.