Issues with Toolbar and Camera button


Hi Guys,

This is my first encounter with an issue that I cant solve on my own(after spending some time on Google).

I am testing my app on iPhone 4s with iOS 7.1

Disregard the following, as this will display the toolbar on topview, which is not required.

[quote]I couldnt get the toolbar to appear in the detail view. Then I found this piece of code which shows the toolbar.
I put the following code in BNRAppDelegate.m

And this shows the toolbar, but with no camera button.[/quote]

There are no yellow icons,etc for error.

Let me know if you need further info to help me resolve this issue.

Just did further testing with the code in book, same code works if I add the same code behind a UIButton in another app I’m developing as test bed.
Not sure why the toolbar has issues.

Thank you.



The same question is asked, but the scope was simulator.
I just moved the toolbar a bit up in the view, and then I can see the toolbar and camera icon.

Same is true for devices. I’ll wait until I learn about auto layout.