itemKey/imageKey Typo


On page 225, the authors create a BNRItem.h property as so:

However on page 228, they add to BNRDetailViewController.m’s viewWillAppear: the following:

self.item.imageKey should be self.item.itemKey


Were you able to get this to work with ImageStore? Before implementing ImageStore I was able to choose an image, and it would show up in the imageView. Once I added the code for the ImageStore the image [whether from the camera or the library] doesn’t show up. I too noticed that error you pointed out, so I’m wondering if it has anything to do with that, even though I fixed it with the correct update.


Fixed it, it did have to do with that bug, but mostly on my part, I didn’t type out the correct code and it was just dying on me.


Yes that’s definitely a typo. It shouldn’t compile at all with this error, as there is no self.item.imageKey