Items not appearing in list?


I’m posting this for the sake of anyone else who has the same problem that I did:

Make sure that you connect the File’s Owner to the Table View as itemTableView (fig 28.13), AND connect the Table View back to the File’s Owner as dataSource (fig 28.14).

I spent a good half hour and one full re-write before poring over the chapter and finding that in my haste, I had missed the second of those two. If your todoItems array is growing but nothing shows in the list, double-check this.


Thanks so much Mike. I thought you would be able to add items just by clicking in the table so I didn’t understand why this just wouldn’t work.

This solved the problem: I wonder how the others figured this out. It shows in the diagram on page 202 but it is not in the instructions.


Thanks sorted me out too! :slight_smile:

I’m sure I did this earlier tho…


Oh sweet jeebus… thank you for ending my late-night-too-tired-to-do-things-correctly-frustration.


They should post this as a correction/errata