Just finished the book


Hello Aaron and the BNR team,

I just wanted to say thanks so much for writing what is a truly brilliant book, there was only two mistakes that I can recall which is amazing considering how many examples there are.

I wish I could come on one of your courses but living in the UK that is a long way to come, and the fees are no doubt worth every penny but vastly beyond my means, I am moving onto your Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X book which I have attempted many times over the years, and now own the 2nd, 3rd and 4th editions.

I kept getting stuck on the difficulty of not knowing enough C coming from a self taught PHP 4 background, with the 2nd and 3rd editions I managed to get about half way a few times but ran out of time or what have you. This time I took the time to learn the background first which I wizzed through thanks to reading the Cocoa book.

See you in the other forum I guess!

Thanks again

Tom Lynch



Thanks for buying so many of my books. :slight_smile:

No, really, thanks for taking the time to write this kind note. I’m glad the book was useful to you. I hope things go as well with the Cocoa book.

  • Aaron


Hey Aaron,

I am now moving onto chapter 5 of the Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X (4th Edition) book and quickly approaching the approximate half way point where I always ran out of time, or things got beyond me. I am sure this time with the backing of the Objective-C Programming book I will be good to go.

I have also got a pre-order on your More Cocoa Programming book, I actually bought all four of your books (inc. Advanced Mac OS X programming) at the same time but the More Cocoa Programming book appears delayed until October now which is a shame as I had hoped to read all three back to back.

I looking back at my BNR book purchases I have bought quite a few, the trouble is that the old books are hard to follow when the system has changed so much, which is why the new books are great as they’re super up to date, although looking at WWDC 2012 videos, there are definitely a few changes to Objective-C again!

Anyways, thanks again so much Aaron, and now Adam for writing such brilliant books.