Just how stressed should I be getting at this challenge?


Hi all

This is my first post about this book and so far I have found it really good and I believed I understood most of it to a sufficient degree and was doing the challenges acceptably then it came to the challenge at the end of this chapter. Now I understood essentially what I was supposed to say to make the program run successfully but I didn’t know the words, if that makes sense, so I knew essentially what the answer was but didn’t know the words to answer it with.

I am trying to become an app developer for iPhone/iPad and had never even thought about coding till about 6 months ago then after a while bought this book to see what became of it. I would really like to see this through and become a developer I have an excellent idea for a whole section of the market completely un catered for!

I guess what Im saying is, is having the idea of what needs to go in enough for now and should I trust myself and carry on or should I learn, or already know?, the specific terms to write the code. And if i should know the specific words etc should I be in such a hair wrenching state that I can’t or is there somewhere else I should be looking. Or am i just thick as and should abandon this completely??

Many thanks for all who read and help it is much wanted :smiley:



Don’t get stressed. Programming is not a chance to prove how smart you are; it is a constant struggle to just be a little better than yesterday. Why don’t you keep going and then double back after a few chapters and try again? It may be easier then.


Great question and great answer! I find myself, almost daily, wondering if I’m smart enough to do this stuff. Although I hate seeing anyone struggle, it is refreshing to know that I’m not the only one. I guess misery really does love company. :laughing:


This answer probably comes too late to help you, OP, since by now you’ve either figured it out or put it aside for something else. But anyway…

With no background in math or programming, I jumped head-first into XCode with a different book a year or two ago and it made my head spin. Previously, my only coding experience had been with HTML and CSS, which I foolishly thought had prepared me somehow. ‘Actual programming’ involves a fair amount of brain re-wiring if you’ve never tried it before; there are several concepts programmers take for granted that non-programmers have simply never considered before. Some can get it straight away, others will need to spend time becoming more familiar with the underlying principles.

To do this I studied some of the ‘easier’ programming languages like Python & Ruby, since they strip away a lot of the machine-esque and more confusing elements of C. I come from an artistic background so I was probably slower than most (eg: it took me a day to understand the term “for loop”), but after a few months of getting used to it I am now finding it much easier to understand what the heck these C/Obj-C books are talking about.

Actually if you’re struggling with this book and need to get there quick, I’d recommend going to Codecademy and doing their Javascript course. It’s pretty hand-holdy and aimed at non-programmers, but you’ll have a good grip on the fundamentals by the time you finish. They do other languages as well, but JS is probably the most similar to C in syntax & structure (you’ll get well accustomed to typing semicolons & curly braces, anyway).

Others may disagree. But I thought you might like to hear the advice of someone who started clueless & naive.