Keyboard not dismissed


I already found a solution for my problem but I post it here in case others incur in the same issue.

After having ItemDetailViewController conform to the UITextFieldDelegate protocol and implementing textFieldShouldReturn: as in the book, the keyboard didn’t dismiss after pressing return.

Maybe I missed a paragraph in the book but to dismiss the keyboard I also had to ctrl+click each textfield and drag it to File’s Owner and setting it as delegate as the textFieldShouldReturn method wasn’t getting called.


Yes: chapter 12, page 216, first paragraph.


Hello. Im having a similar issue but different
My keyboard dismisses when i hit return. but not whenn i tap the background (PS working on the simulator for now)


Did you connect the Touch Up Inside event of the primary view (labelled “Control”) in the .xib with the backgroundTapped: method of File’s Owner? (Select the .xib, select File’s Owner, choose View > Utilities > Connections Inspector, under Received Actions verify backgroundTapped: is connected to Control via Touch Up Inside)

Then verify the code for -backgroundTapped: in ItemDetailViewController.m matches that in the book.


Im Pretty sure i did. but when I connected an did it it worked this time