Kindle Edition - text highlight


Any idea why my kindle edition (on ipad and iphone) highlights the entire screen text when I touch the screen (even a page turn if my finger taps the text first). When I remove my finger it leaves an odd portion of partially highlighted text and displays a tool tip like “Deploying an Application” (chapter title?).

Does not happen with any of my other kindle books, and happens with this book on both my iPad and iPhone (latest iOS 4 and Kindle app).

It’s quite annoying.


I’m having the same issue. I found that increasing the font size helps but doesn’t solve the problem, ie the entire page highlights a gray color for a second or two, the gray then disappears and I can select the text I want for highlighting. It works but it’s still anoying.


I’ve made a new Kindle version that fixes this problem. It should be available at Amazon by now. Sorry it took so long. Please see these two posts in EBOOK forum.

Update to Kindle version of ‘iOS Programming’ available:

How to get an updated version of a Kindle book: