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After implementing the onItemLongClickListener, in Gingerbread when I long click a crime, the delete menu successfully opens. But the chosen crime doesn’t highlight. Also, if I try to choose a crime myself, it instead enters the crime. I’m assuming these problems are just because those functions are not normally possible in Api < 11. If that’s the case, what can I do to make it possible?


Not clear on exactly what you mean, aimbot. Do you mean that you can’t select multiple crimes as you attempt to delete on Api < 11?


Yeah, that’s it. When I long press a crime, I get the delete menu. Then when I try to choose another crime, to delete, instead of highlighting the second crime, it enters the crimefragment.

Also, when I first long press and get the delete menu, nothing is highlighted, so I can’t delete anything either.


The pre-API 11 interface we show in the book doesn’t delete multiple crimes, unfortunately. You have to long press and tap “Delete” for each crime you want to delete.