Life after Big Nerd Ranch iOS


Hi there,

I’m midway through the 5th Ed. and it’s great to see an active community.

I’m just curious because some people have been posting for a long time(year or so) and I’m wondering how they’re doing now. Is the book finished? Did you do another course? Next steps? Recommendations? Are you working for an employer as a developer or develop your own apps?

thanks :slight_smile:


I have my first app in beta testing through Apple’s Test Flight with some external testers. It’s basically a simple database using sqlite (SQLite.swift) that shows various teacher education programs available in my state with contacts (phone) and web links. I think my storyboard has 5 view controllers (+ the entry nav controller). It’s not a game changing, money making app, but a utility for prospective K-12 teachers which is related to my day job.

I’m now reading some of Ray Wenderlich’s books, namely the 2d and 3d apple game programming books but I’m not that far into them yet (winter break is actually time to spend on this, which I’ll be doing shortly). This is still hobbyist level stuff for me, but I’m hoping that first app will help a move into development at some point full-time.

Basically Big Nerd Ranch books combined with the iOS Appentice stuff (raywenderlich) got me enough practice to comfortably start figuring out new things on my own. I relied a lot on stackoverflow for very specific problems I encountered in figuring out how I wanted to do things in the app. Hah, make sure you google using swift 3 and look at the year the posts were made though.

screenshot of storyboards (I have two custom table view cell xibs not shown)



That’s awesome to see someone active on the forums moving forward!

I also considered touching on some of after I finish BNR iOS (one thing at a time - trying hard to follow this advice).

Is SQLite covered in the book or did you learn that on your own? If so, was just and Apple docs enough?

Great advice regarding the dates of posts haha, swift 2 has many differences from 3!

thanks for sharing myrhillion and wishing you success for your app and future apps! I may even get addicted to your game :wink:


SQLite wasn’t covered in the books I’ve read so far. I’ve previously developed some databases using MySQL, so shifting to SQLite for my data store wasn’t that challenging. Taking 900 programs and entering them into a format that works in a database was tedious though, lol.

I couldn’t figure out JSON in swift3, to make it work for my model. Thus I went with SQLite.swift which was easier for me to understand in an afternoon of playing. The readme on github for SQLite.swift was enough to get started in my case.

If you like unicorns and cats, (my 7 year old daughter is helping with game development doc), you will likely appreciate the game in a year or two when I actually finish it, lol.