Local Notification Firing Delay


Just a note for those thinking they may be having an issue with the firing of the notifications. When setting the reminder and going to the home screen, the notification did not immediately show when the time changed. It actually took something greater than an additional 10 seconds or so. I was expecting it as the time changed so I kept leaving the sim to try and figure out the issue. It was only when I sat there pondering it for a while did I see it show up later than thought. So if you are thinking there is an issue you may just need to wait longer than you’d think after the time changes.


Thanks, because I have started searching for a mistake XD


The picker doesn’t show seconds. If you hit the button to remind you 1 minute in the future (you pick 08:21 and it is 08:20:35), it will wait until 08:21:35 to fire the reminder. If you ask for 1 hour, the notification would fire at 09:20:35.

I wish there was a way to truncate the seconds piece when calculating notification activate time, but I haven’t found one yet.