Localization Choices Available


In the sample for the book, we added Spanish as a Localization. When I went through the process of setting this up, I was presented with a drop down. The only choices that were in there were English, Japanese, French and German. I was able to type Spanish and it all worked. My question is, how do we know about the available languages and what they’re recognized value is if they aren’t listed in the drop down? Is there a way to add languages so they appear in this drop down?



You can see the available languages list by going to Settings App; General->International->Language.

As far as I know, you can’t add more languages to that list and must type it in each time.


I did see the available languages on the iPhone; however, there Spanish is listed as Espanol. Is there a mapping between English versions of the word for the language and the actual language? Or, put another way, how did me typing Spanish in xcode work if the language was set to Espanol on the iPhone?


What’s interesting is the use of the full, anglicized name for lproj folders is actually deprecated.

But that doesn’t stop Xcode from listing them or defaulting to using “English.lproj” for English.

When you really start to get into localization, you should be using the ISO codes for your lproj folders. You can find that list here: http://www.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/php/English_list.php.


Very strange. Thanks for the info regarding the ISO codes for project folders. I’ll try that out for Spanish and see if that works as well.