Localizing NIB File with Xcode 5


The steps for “Localizing a NIB File” are a little different under Xcode 5 (this builds on the Xcode 4.5 Update thread):

  1. Select the RaiseMan Project in the Xcode File Navigator;
  2. In the Project Navigator change to the project (rather than the target) and go to the Info tab;
  3. Press the + sign under the Localizations area and select the language you want (e.g. French (fr));
  4. In the dialog box, check the RMDocument.xib and change File Type to “Interface Builder Cocoa XIB” and check Finish.

Now you’ll see an arrow appear next to RMDocument.xib in the Xcode File Navigator, click it and you’ll see both the Base and French XIB files. You can then edit the one you want.