Location Information not showing


I am very new iOS Development (using xCode 5 and iOS7), so pardon if anything is obvious here to more experienced developers

I am going through chapter 4, and was up to page 86 where you run the application for the first time. However when I ran the app there were no errors and I checked/double checked the code for typos/anything missing but all that happened was a white screen on the simulator or the iPhone and no location information was sent to the debugger.

I resolved the situation by the following;

  1. Into my project, I created a WhereamiViewController nib file based on book sample project code
  2. Into my project, updated WhereamiAppDelegate implementation file with code from book sample project code
  3. The only other thing i did was add dealloc code from the book sample code to my projects WhereamiViewController implementation file

According to the book I should not have had to do the above 3x steps yet, so can anyone enlighten me on why what I did worked?, I just want to know for my learning experience


I’m curious about this too since I just encountered the same issue. My guess is because this edition of the book wasn’t written for iOS7 and the most recent XCode version. Can anyone else provide feedback on why this is occurring and if there is something simply we are missing to make this location data appear? And to ozIOSDev, did you experience any other issues while working through the book on the current XCode and iOS version?


Well I looked through more of the threads and found the solution here. Still interested to hear if anyone else encountered further issues going through the book using the newer versions of the product.