locationManager: didUpdateLocation ... not called


First off… great book!!! On the last step before the challenge we call foundLocation from within locationManager:didUpdateToLocation:fromLocation. I was not seeing the expected results. While debugging issue I quickly realized it was not being called. Perhaps I missed a step, but at least what I have, once I added MapView:didUpdateUserLocation it took over this delegation. If I put the last piece of code here all is fine.

Just curious if that is an error in the book or did I miss a step. My assumption is I missed something as others would have already commented. So the question is, what did I miss?


Sounds like you missed something. Make sure the delegate of the CLLocationManager is set and that you are calling startUpdatingLocation.

My bet is that you are calling startUpdatingHeading instead.



Thanks. I am using the MKMapView’s setShowsUserLocation


I realize now that this post should be in chapter 5 not 4.