LogCat stopped logging?


This keeps happening to me and I can’t figure out how it happens or how to fix it.

I have Log.i, Log.d, Log.e calls, etc. in my code and while tracing the program in debug I can see them being executed. However, LogCat shows nothing – nothing at all: no system messages and no messages from my Log calls.

Any ideas what causes this or how to fix it?


I found this bug report that may be “it”



Sometimes DDMS will lose its connection to your device, which can cause what you’re seeing. Try resetting ADB and selecting your device again in the Devices pane.


I just unplug my (physical) phone and plug it back in again
If I am using an emulator restarting the emulator does the same thing


I had the same problem. If you are using android studio, just open android device monitor (its around top right corner of your window) and close it. It worked for me, hopefully works for you too.