Logic error with the first Challenge



I ran into a logic error with the simple challenge. I have the date formatted on the list as “Saturday, Aug 31, 2013”


Crime #0
Saturday, Aug 31, 2013

When I click on it, I get the rwo buttons in the second screen where I input the details:

Enter a crime

          Saturday, Aug 31, 2013    <== Date Button
                  07:40 AM                 <== Time Butten

After I update the date button everything updates as normal and it shows up as updated when I return back to the “list” screen. When I make a change to the time it looks normal until I return back to the list. When its in the list, the date shows as corrupt on the list and always displaying as follows: “Wednesday, Dec 31, 2”. When I go back to the second screen the program abends with invalid data. The date becomes corrupt. Has anyone ever run into this type of issue?



It sounds like their might be an error in how you’re managing the time.

Remember that while you will probably change a Date to modify the time, your Date will contain the calendar date, too. So take care to preserve it.