Looking for app developers

Hello! I’d like to ask if anyone here has any experience at working in a team. I’m now searching for a new developer and need your advice on every hidden rock possible on my path. Thank you very much for any tips, it’s highly appreciated.

Hello! Here are a few tips that may help you to find a good person for your project. https://vironit.com/how-to-hire-an-app-developer/ is a good article that can help you make up your mind. Unsupervised developer can hurt your company’s image. Also, passionate worker can raise your results and lead you to a whole new level.

This is commonly because you select wrong sub view in project view. You can change project view’s sub view.
Here is the full solution; by following the steps you can find R file.

What’s your budget per month? Are you looking for frontend or backend developer?


I can help you but I need some information regarding the application project you are talking about. I have an experience of 15+ years in the tech industry.

Let me know which kind of resource you are looking for in this custom application development as I have a professional team to work on this project.
In case it is traditional application development, I can also help you with experts for that.