Love this book, and a quick question


Just got my paperback copy today and really loving this book. I’m a junior in computer science and have a lot of programming books on my shelf, but this is one that I’m actually going to work through from start to finish. The prose as well as the code is very well written, higher quality than my textbooks!

Quick question here (and what precipitated this post) — on page 27 it talks about two launch image resources, … and have not found these images inside the folder titled 00-Resources. Not a big deal, but any ideas where I should be looking for them?

Martyn Chamberlin


The files should be in the 00-Resources folder. Looking at the dates of the files in 00-Resources, it does not appear that they have updated that particular folders content yet. Maybe they will make time this week and provide the new images for this edition.


Sounds good, Sachmo. I can’t wait till they update it. Just glad I have Photoshop CC in the meanwhile. :slight_smile:


The 00-Resources folder in the Solutions now contains new icons


and a new one for Icon@2x.png

as well as a folder called Project App Icons with nifty icons for the apps detailed in the rest of the book :wink:

I had not checked for a while, so I don’t know when the update came in.


Yay! Thanks for the heads up. I’m 1/3 through the book and loving it.