Making iOS 6 work in Xcode 5


I copied the iOS 6 sdk folder into the following directory path-
About the iOS 6 sdk. I restored it from a time machine backup
The folder named ‘iPhoneOS6.1.sdk’ has been made to reside beside ‘iPhoneOS7.0.sdk’.
Then I tweaked the settings by selecting my project- HeavyRotation from the Navigation Area. And then in the Editor Area, I selected HeavyRotation under the Project section and then under the Info tab the “iOS Deployment Target” was reset to 6.1. It initially was 7.0. Again , under Build Settings tab I selected 6.1 as Base SDK which was initially set to 7.0.
Then, under Targets section I selected “HeavyRotation”. There came a number of tabs on the right hand side- General, Capabilities, Info, Build Settings, Build Phases, Build Rules.
I replaced 7.0 options with 6.1 in 2 or 3 of them.
I then redownloaded iOS 6 simulator sdk in the Xcode 5 preferences.
After having done all this (which is bunch of trivial tasks), my project was supposed to work in the iOS 6 environment inside of Xcode 5. It turns out it did not. I then selected the Utilities area and reset a field under the “File inspector”. Builds for “Project Deployment Target (6.1)” and View as “iOS 6.1 and earlier”.
When built and ran the project, i got a strange “iOS Simulator” message saying -" The iOS simualtor cannot install the app". Then i Reset Content and Settings from the drop down menu of the iOS Simulator app. And then i restarted the Xcode 5. Before relaunching the app, i had already cleared the User Library caches.I then ran the project. It builds successfully but when the simulator launches, the console logs an error saying the following-
*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSUnknownKeyException’, reason: ‘[<UIApplication 0x8321ad0> setValue:forUndefinedKey:]: this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key view.’.

Have I landed myself into serious trouble. Please Please Please, if anyone was experiencing this problem and has solved it ,please guide me and tell me where i went wrong.

And about reason for sticking iOS 6- I’m still in learning phase right now. I started the book and solved and learned its content while using iOS 6. Right now i’m on ch8. and i dont want any further diversion. I just want to focus on learning for another 4-5 months until my book studying completes. I thought when i wud install Xcode 5 it would retain older SDKs and libraries. I was clearly mistaken. Any of the expert people, please help with this. The Xcode 5 that im using has kind of gotten messed (to some extent). Please help me with this. If anybody can steer me out of this issue. It may be a trivial issue but still… I havent overcome it… :blush: :blush: .


Sorry, I’m not at my computer right and doing this from memory. A couple of things I remember doing with this error.

  1. In the target and project settings make sure Xcode didn’t put in a xib for the initial screen setting - again I probably don’t have all of the terminology correct here, so I’ll look it up later. I recall when Xcode setup my projects for ios 7 it added an initial xib file for startup.

  2. Make sure all of your xibs are listed as 6.1 and earlier.

  3. Clean and rebuild. This probably isn’t the real solution but I like doing this after major application issues.



Thanx buddy, it worked. I cleared up the Simulator caches from the menubar and relaunched it.


Glad to be of some help.