Map does not show (black screen)


I have done up to the first build and run and the build succeeds. When I run on both the simulator and on an iPod Touch running iOS 4 get just a black screen with no map display. I have gone over all the steps several times and I don’t think that I missed anything.

Any suggestions?




You must have either:

  1. disconnected the outlet from the File’s Owner to WhereamiAppDelegate. The “delegate” outlet of the File’s Owner should be connected to the instance of WhereamiAppDelegate in the Doc Window.

  2. disconnected the outlet from WhereamiAppDelegate to the UIWindow. The “window” outlet of the WhereamiAppDelegate instance in the Doc window should be connected to the instance of UIWindow in the Doc window.


In your application delegates didFinishLaunching… method, did you include the call to [window makeKeyAndVisible]? If you accidentally removed that, the app would look like a black screen.

Crosspost with Joe, but I’ll leave my advice in case it turns out be helpful. Accidents do happen! :slight_smile:


Thanks Joe,

I removed both of the delegate references and re-added them in. I think I had them right before but after doing that, it works great.

thanks again for the quick help and a great book.