MapKit Functions Reference


on page 107, we search for “MKCoordinateRegion” which is supposed to bring up a link to “Map Kit Functions Reference”, but it doesn’t. There is nothing listed in the left hand column, even with all Doc Sets (iOS 5, Mac OSX 10.6, XCode 4.2) and Languages (JavaScript, C, C++, Objective C) selected. Even when you click on MKCoordinateRegion it doesn’t take you anywhere that contains a link to Map Kit Functions Reference.

To make things worse, when you search for Map Kit Functions Reference or MapKit Functions Reference, nothing comes up!! I spent forever on this trying to find it.

Turns out you have to search for “Map Kit Framework” (typed exactly with a space between Map and Kit) and then in the results under System Guides, click Map Kit, (Don’t click Map Kit Framework that takes you somewhere wrong) and THEN from within Map Kit, on the first paragraph it says “For information on the interfaces you use to implement map scrolling and rotation, see Map Kit Framework Reference.” Click on the Map Kit Framework Reference link. Then, on the far right column under “Other References”, you’ll see Map Kit Functions. Click this link to get here.

This is the ONLY way I could find to get to the Map Kit Functions Reference anywhere. I can’t believe it’s so difficult to get to. Am I doing something wrong here? Anyone else having the same problem?

I’m running XCode 4.2 on OSX 10.6.8


I tried the same search online at for “Map Kit Functions Reference” and it pops right up as the top link.

Very annoying


Looks like your docset wasn’t downloaded. Open Preferences for Xcode, select Downloads. Then, select Documentation. Download the appropriate docsets from this screen.


This was the first thing I checked when I was having problems finding the MapKit functions reference. I already have iOS 5 library, Mac OS X 10.6 core library and Xcode 4.2 developer library downloaded and installed. Check for and install updates automatically is checked, and when I click check and install now, it doesn’t find anything.

Plus, I do technically have the MapKit functions reference on my system, it’s just impossible to find. Any other ideas?



In the Documentation Browser, click the magnifying glass in the search box. Turn on “Find Options”. Make sure the iOS 5.0 Docset is activated.


Yep, I checked this as well before posting.

I have Match Type set to “Contains”,

Under “Doc Sets” - iOS 5.0 Library is checked, Mac OS X 10.6 Core Library is checked, and Xcode 4.2 Developer Library is checked

Under Languages, All Languages is checked (this checks JavaScript, C++, Java, Objective-C and C"


Huh. Sounds like a bug of some kind? Try re-installing Xcode? Maybe google around and check the dev forums at Apple, too.