Math Library


Please explain the math library comments on page 47. I Googled “Terminal Application” to find out what that is. Once I opened the Terminal App and typed “man math” (much better than that girly math), only 7 functions came up in synopsis form. Sin () was not one of them. What am I missing?



You should see more. Like this: … ath.3.html


You probably need to hit [Enter] to keep moving through the list.


After entering the command man math, enter /sin (enter forward slash + sin) to search for the occurrences of sin in the manual page. You can also go man sin to directly go to the manual page for the sine function.


In XCode, click XCode :: Preferences and go to Downloads. You should see “Command Line Tools” with the ability to install that. After installation, open Terminal back up and “man math” should show the full list.