Menu_settings vs. action_settings in string resources


Listing 1.3 on page 14 shows an element named “menu_settings” and outlines that the element was automatically added and should be left alone. Upon creating my project, however, strings.xml contains an element named “action_settings” (and no “menu_settings”). Is this due to a version difference of some sort? Are action_settings and menu_settings equivalent? Or should I change action to menu?


P.S. Here is the strings.xml contents that ADT generated for me:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

    <string name="app_name">GeoQuiz</string>
    <string name="action_settings">Settings</string>
    <string name="hello_world">Hello world!</string>



Leave it as it is. This is just a discrepancy between the current templates and the templates at the time we wrote the exercise. The name of the string isn’t important.