Merging Zoom & Drawing



I’m working on a simiilar app by merging the drawing application with the zoom features, but i’m hitting these bugs (FYI, i made a huge if-statement to look for 2 touches in the event since i plan to use that for panning):

  1. Inside my viewController’s viewDidLoad, i use a UIScrollView (i also tossed one on the xib, is this necessary?), i can now zoom but i can no longer draw on my custom view (and i made a tool bar to let me change the stroke width and colors, which also shrinks or magnifies–not what i want!).
    2 I’ve also looked into UIPinchGestureRecognizer, but that was ok-- i can draw, but when i zoom, the toolbar disappears since i’m zooming in and the pixels are distorted and huge.


  1. how can i lock my toolbar so it’s not zooming in and out
  2. what’s the best way to enable zoom???