Method Does Not Show When Linking Button To File Owner


Method Does Not Show When Linking Button To File Owner. Any help is appreciated!


Assuming that you have saved the IB document file for the BNRDocument.

What is the Custom Class name of the File’s Owner?
Since the createNewItem: is declared in the BNRDocument class, File’s Owner’s class type should be BNRDocument.
Check this first and correct if necessary.


Hmmmmm. Didn’t say anything in the book about that. But that fixed my problem. Class Was Blank so i just added BNRDocument and now it works.


thanks a lot, i had the very same problem!


I am having this same issue. When I control click on my button and drag to file’s owner, the option createNewItem does not show. I see the instructions on this posting to change the class but I don’t see how do that. The book doesn’t seem to show this.


In IB, select the File’s Owner; then in the inspector, change the custom class to your class.


Yes, thank you. That solved that problem.


I had a similar problem, this solution cleared it up, Thanks.