Methods in the Header File


I’m going through WhereamI, but this sounds like the more relevant place to put this question. What methods do I need to mention in a header file?

From internet research, it sounds like the header file is there to let the compiler know the list of methods, it’s required arguments, and it’s return type.
Therefore, methods that have already been mentioned elsewhere need not be restated right?

This makes sense because, if I’m overwriting a method from a superclass, I don’t mention that method in the header file for the subclass.

What about from the perspective of CLLocationManager? When implementing locationManager:(CLLocationManager *)manager didUpdateToLocation:(CLLocation *)newLocation, we didn’t put this method in the header file. Is this because this method is already mentioned in the protocol?

Also, in Whereami, I put a method into the .m file without mentioning the method in the .h file, but it still worked. I just NSLogged “hey sneaky message here!” everytime I NSLogged the location. Why does it work?

Would appreciate the help. Thanks!