Minimum API for Late 2014



I just checked the current “Platform Versions” in the Android Dashboard, as of September 9, 2014 ( I added it up and it looks like if I go with a minimum of (4.0.3 - 4.0.4/Ice Cream Sandwich/API 15) I’ll get 88% (87.9) device coverage. That is plenty for my modest ambitions. I’m guessing that the native 11+ Fragment support has better performance than the support library, and that not including the support library will make my apk smaller.

So… If I start the “CriminalIntent” project with the minimum API at 15, am I going to run into trouble following the book’s instructions? Or do I just have to watch for the concessions that covered in Chapter 6 and skip them?

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In Chapter 11 the authors use, and they supply no workaround (in contrast to the workarounds supplied at the end of Chapter 7 in the “For the More Curious…” section).

This issue is discussed in this forum’s Chapter 11 section in this topic: ViewPager without Android.Support.v4 (