Minor Errata - page 193


For consistency only: the [color=#FF00FF]old code[/color] was not show with a strike-through for deletion:

	[color=#FF00FF]mCrime = new Crime();[/color]

	[b]mCrime = CrimeLab.get(getActivity()).getCrime(crimeId);[/b]


I first took that command out, then my app stopped working (crashed) with an exception error. When I added that line of code back in, it began working again. I was able to enter something into the title. Then I pressed the back button and noticed that the row where I made the update was colored in [color=#FF0000]RED[/color]. When I pressed it to go back in, I noticed that the title was’nt saved.


Oops, my mistake. My error was caused because I had the Bundle method in the wrong place.