Minor: Figure 3.12 (p 63) vs Listing 3.4 (p 64)


In the schema in Figure 3.12 the frame layout has an id that does not exists In the xml in Listing 3.4

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ALSO (maybe I missed something):

The code in both 3.12 & 3.4 seem to expect were still using Text Style buttons but in chapter 2, we moved onto using an ImageButton for Next & Previous.

At end of Chapter 2, we have a Next & Previous button, but in chapter 3 (3.12 & 3.4), it seems to assume we still have only a Next button


1- Excellent catch! Our editor actually managed to catch that one before you did, which means that it will already be in the second printing (the corrections have already been sent off). I’ll add it to our errata list, though.

A- Moving to ImageButton was part of the Challenge for Chapter 2. We encourage you to do challenges, but they are definitely optional - the main line of the text assumes that you haven’t done them.

B- Same here. The previous button is part of the challenge.


Phillips, you don’t say if we need the android:id="@+id/FrameLayout1" or not. Looking at the solutions code, I see that you don’t have it there. So I suppose we don’t need it and delete it.

In any case, I believe that having the id and not using it doesn’t hurt.


Thanks. I am in the midst of this and had same issues. I did the challenges and named this separately. However, still managed to end up with the wrong version of Geoquiz when starting the page 62 landscape layout.