Missing content mode combo box in interface builder


On page 108, figure 6.9 shows the NSTableView as having a ‘content mode’ combo box.

When I select the table view in my nib, I see the exact same thing as figure 6.9, except my combo box isn’t there. Columns, 3 checkboxes (Headers, Reordering, Resizing) and Column Sizing combo are all shown.

Any idea why I don’t have this option?

I’m running XCode 4.2 with Snow Leopard.

Is there a way I can setup the content mode outside of IB if this can’t be resolved? Looking in the NSTableView class reference doesn’t show anything with content mode.


View-based table views are a new feature in Lion; the book itself is intended to be used with Lion (due to use of ARC) as well. If you can’t upgrade to Lion you may be able to figure out the bindings for the normal cell-based table view instead; you just won’t be able to have the thumbnail integrated with the Make/Model cell. Your bindings will be on the table columns instead, directly to the array controller, just like in Chapter 8.