Missing initializer?


I think the code listing for CrimeLab is missing the code to initialize the serializer:

private CrimeLab(Context appContext) {
mAppContext = appContext;
mCrimes = new ArrayList();

	mSerializer = new CriminalIntentJSONSerializer(mAppContext, FILENAME);  <-- this appears to be missing.

Without the line above you will get errors saving the data.

It is possible it appears somewhere and I missed it…

edit –
to clarify it is not in listing 17.3 and running the app after listing 17.4 as directed will cause errors. The code does finally appear in listing 17.7


Thanks for the report! It’s added to the Errata: viewtopic.php?f=395&t=6220&p=17171#p17171


This one caught me too.


Actually, the book says the following (which is why I am reading this forum right now):