Missing *.png files in iOSProgramming.zip



Just started the book and the iOSProgramming.zip file seems to be missing the PNGs for the icons.

Also, is there an errata for the iOS Programming 2nd edition of the book? The one listed on the forum seems to be from the 1st edition.

So far so good. First Chapter done!



You’re right, of course. They were there for awhile, but the zip file was updated at the end of August and it omitted those. Hopefully the good folks at BNR will remedy this shortly. (Ah, the pitfalls of doing an update right before a holiday weekend…)


Sorry about that. I’ve sent the files to our webmaster and they should be up soon.

I have no idea how the files got replaced, but we’re checking it out.


I’m just leaving a comment so I can be notified when this is resolved. Been having the same issue.


It’s already resolved. :slight_smile:


Looks good now!