MIT APP Inventer?



I was wondering if anyone at you organization has ever done anything with the new App Inventer. A local college Professor had sent me information on an experimental course that is being held at a local community college. I’m seriosly considering in looking into it.


We have not! Let us know if you find it to be awesome. :slight_smile:


Phillip I played around with it last week and ran into some limitations. I’m mot sure if relying on building major projects via the internet is the best approach.


I ran into Mark Murphy in Bethlehem PA who wrote another book on Android App programming. We discussed the App Inventor is some detail and both agreed that to implement a more sophisticated app, you need to stay with the java/xml type programming that we are currently doing. Although this may be something to look into in the future, there are many limitations with App inventor right now. Right now app inventor is only meant to be a student aid to introduce new students on this technology. One example I found was that there isn’t a component to change the date or time. At least when I last checked. Then the idea might be to write you own block / module to give you that capability. There is a special language which the folks at MIT are currently using and right now I don’t think that’s open to the public.




I’m one of the creators of App Inventor and co-authored a book ( on it. I agree with Bob that it’s not designed for professional app development (although some people have sold apps that they’ve created with it). I stretched its capabilities in a college course I taught by having the more advanced students write back-ends on cloud servers that the apps could connect to via http. It has been used successfully in non-major CS courses or in the first part of an intro CS class for majors.

I’m about to teach an upper-division Android development course (which is why saw your message) and will definitely use the Java SDK for that.