Moving on to chapter 12?


Can I do so if I still do not have a firm grasp of passing & and structs? I kind of get them, but only like 70%. Will this hinder me when I move on?


You should be OK. (When you get to NSError, you might be a little confused. Double back here when you reach that point. It will seem clearer then.)


I understand the examples in the text, especially the modf one for passing. But I’m unable to write my own examples, which makes me think maybe I don’t. I can do am float one, but the striuct one confuses me.


Hello forum. Loving the book. I understand chap 9, 10 and 11 pretty much when I read them, but writing the code is another matter. The struct challenge took me forever.
I like the quick and dirty lessons. But sometimes I wish there was a bit more detail about the syntax and what exactly is going on. For example, in the time functions, I wasn’t always sure what was a made up variable or function and what is a standard part of C code.

So, long story short, I have the same feeling going into chap 12.

Here goes…


Hello flybit;

You may have to use alternate sources to understand some of the courses in this book.

You will realize that some of the programming concepts like variables, functions, structs, etc… are not that hard to grasp. In fact, what you are probably finding difficult to understand (as did I ) is the math that they are using as “examples” for their book (which also causes a great deal of confusion, especially for beginners).

This is a great book I must admit, but a complaint several of us have had, is that they should have used simpler (and shorter) examples to make their points.

Some of the challenges in this book may be difficult even for intermediate programmers and its not because of the programming aspect of it.

So my recommendation is, when ever you get stuck in this book, always use alternate sources as well, until you understand what they where talking about, and come back and continue with the book.

Good Luck.