Multiple Annotations at same Location


If I attempt to place multiple annotations at the same location on my map, the program crashes. Is this normal operation?


I have narrowed my issue down to the reverse geocoder routines. There’s something funny going on with them and apparently random crashes of the program - crashes when an annotation is added with a reverse geocoder already in place for a specific annotation, or sometimes when, after the annotation is added and the pin gets tapped, and then other times as a third (or fourth, or fifth) annotation is added to the map.

The documentatio does say to use the reverse geocoder sparingly, and no more than once for any given user action, and to re-use existing information when able.

So, what’s the best way to look to see if a location already has annotation information supplied by the reverse geocoder? also, what’s the appropriate retain/release cycle for a geocoder?

i activated the NSZombieYes environment variable to try to diagnose some EXC_BAD_ACCESS crashes, and found that i was trying to send a message to a deallocated instance of the geocoder - at the time, i had a [geocoder release] message at the end of the didFindPlacemark delegste method. - not the first time, but subsequent attempts at annotating the same point on the map.


Well, this is serval months later, but I notice the querying property for geocoder; this property may help the user avoid releasing an in-process geocoder?