Multiple issues in running first application


I am able to run the basic ‘hello world’ application, but get the following errors while runnning the geoquiz app -

Failed to find the style corresponding to the id 2130772021
Failed to find the style corresponding to the id 2130771993
Exception details are logged in Window > Show View > Error Log
The following classes could not be instantiated:


Here are the things that I’ve tried already -

  1. Swapping ‘Blank Activity’ / ‘Empty Activity’
  2. Trying to import WindowDecorActionBar into my project, turns out the directory is somewhere else.

Anything else that I should try ? Any pointers would be really helpful!



First post your set up page (the one shown on page 3 of the book) and also detail your device or virtual device.

It sounds like you may need to clear your workspace of any past generated GeoQuiz project(s) and then carefully follow the advice of previous posters when setting minimum, target and compile SDKs.
I am assuming that you have already updated your Android APIs with the Android SDK manager .