Multiple Navigation Controllers


So if you have multiple navigation controllers (1, 2, 3) and each have View Controllers (A, B, C) - and you are on navController 1B and you need to pop up 2A, how do you do that? For instance, assume you have a tabbar with 2 tabitems, BNR Items, and BNR categories. BNR items will provide a NavController with a menu that lets you view items (in different View Controllers) in a variety of ways, and BNR categories has a NavController that gives you ways to view and edit all the categories (through view Controllers). At some point, you want to go in to the categories NavController and a categories View Controller and from there, you want to see all Items for a single category. How do you do that? If you try to pop a ViewController from the ItemNavController on there, it gives you all kinds of error messages.