Multiple UITableViews, as in editing in contacts app


I had a question about UITableView. I’m creating a form with fields, and I feel like the way Apple does it in the Contacts app looks appropriate. The book talks about creating tableviews that span the entire screen, but what about create a custom view with a label, perhaps other sub views, and then some tableviews (or maybe just one, grouped). Then in editing mode, there is a vertical line between the field and the value.

Here are some screenshots, and I’m just curious about the best way to do this. Thank you!


That’s actually just one UITableView. It has the grouped style with 5 sections. Each section contains one row. The section at the top has a custom UITableViewCell subclass which is taller than the other cells and has a UIImageView and a UILabel (for the image and name). The bottom cell is also a UITableViewCell subclass, which has two buttons.


Thanks for the reply. I managed to come to that conclusion eventually, so it’s nice to know I was on the right track.

I have a follow up question, related to editing. Are those subclassed UITableViewCells, or is that how they look in edit mode? I’m going for the textfield and vertical line, mostly. So I’m sure it’s a custom tableviewcell.

Thanks again. Great book!