MultiTableView + CoreData?


Hi :slight_smile: Basically i’m wondering how one “connects” a VC with Core Data … for example, in my case a VC containing a scrollView with multiple “panel” views each containing a tableView with a Core Data Fetched Results Controller configured like the one provided by Stanford Prof.Hegarty in his iTunesU iOS 5 demo? i couldn’t resist :wink: ya gotta admit it’s a GOOD question.

Lecture 14: Core Data Demo …

a rube’s thoughts:
Subclassing a CDTVC with another TVC is a breeze :sunglasses: giving instant global access to the subclassed CDTVC’s fetchedResultsController property but … i’m using a VC with tableview classes … how does one provide them with access to core data through the VC? any help understanding appreciated.

:bulb: Hon Chen’s PanelTableView (see SampleApp) is a great example. How does one connect his PTV’s to a CDTVC?