MVC and Delegates


I want to go over some higher level concepts presented in this chapter to ensure I understand what’s going on.

Question 1:
Is the following asesment of how the different objects fit into MVC correct?

The BNRAppDelegate and UIApplication are the controllers.
taskTable, taskField and insertButton are all view objects.
tasks is a model object.

Question 2:
Please let me know if I am understanding this correctly:

A delegate is a helper object that conforms to a specific protocol. BNRAppDelegate is the helper object to UIApplication and conforms to the UIApplication delegate protocol.


Yes and Yes.


Why was UIResponder used as the class from which BNRAppDelegate inherits instead of NSObject?

I used NSObject, ran the app and it worked just fine. What’s the specific reason to have BNRAppDelegate inherit from UIResponder? I’m asking because it’s not explained in the book.