My "Interface Builder Dock" sure looks different


I’m using Xcode 4.2.1, Build 4D502. Starting in Chapter 2, figure 2.7, the “Interface Builder Dock” is identified.

Unfortunately, Xcode on my computer displays a very different dock. Less icon-ish and more a heirarchial list of objects.

Usually, I’m able to think through the books’ GUI steps and map them into ones that work for my Xcode. Usually.

But, I keep on wondering “WHY is my dock different?”

Is there a user preference to set (or button to click) to cause the book dock to manifest in my Xcode?

This has caused me to skip a number of challenges, and finally to be unable to follow the main chapter text in Chapter 11.

Can someone offer me some clues?


While I still have a lot of reading yet to do, I think my question above is of the “bonehead” type.

Seems pretty clear that the version of Xcode used during the writing of the (4th edition of the) book is earlier than the version I got when I downloaded Xcode for the 1st time from Apple in mid-late November.

And it sounds like Big Nerd Ranch is working hard to get a new 5th edition out (March 2012?) updated to reflect the updates to Xcode, plus errata garnered from classes and this forum.

So, what to do in the interim? I’d really like to continue with the 4th edition and it seems like the easiest approach would be to bite-the-bullet and transition to the version of Xcode used in the 4th edition (and then re-upgrade Xcode when the 5th edition comes out). While it may take me a day or two to do this transition, I’d then be able to just focus on learning what’s covered in the book, rather than that plus having to guesswork how to map earlier Xcode GUI actions into Xcode 4.2.1 actions.

Is that a sane course of action?


I suspect that your Interface Builder dock looks different from the book because it is in the outline mode, not the collapsed mode. You can toggle between the two by clicking on this button: When the book was made this button took a different form, but the purpose was the same.

You should be able to continue with the book just fine once you use this toggle – my Xcode looks extremely similar to the book (I’m running 4.2). If you are still seeing major differences in how the book looks and what you see on your screen, can you provide screenshots?



Thanks Adam, that fixed it! Now I’ll go back and do those challenges I’d skipped before!