My tab icon image would not display - it works now


I was working on the challenge for chapter 7 View Contollers and I got stuck on getting the icon in the tab bar to display. The button showed but the image just wouldn’t display. So I thought I would share my discovery about the tab icon. I tried for hours to get it to display but in the end I found some free icons designed for the iPhone and they worked straight away. The problem is that the icons must be in greyscale but its more complicated than that. I haven’t figured out how to make my own yet but now I know that there’s a specific requirement so now I can go away and learn how to do it. The free icons were at


Thank you for sharing the info.
I downloaded png file for a map icon, and I tried to make it show on the tab bar item icon, but it would not display the image at all. I even made the background transparent, but it still does not work.

After I read your post, I gave up.

Thank you.