My table cells can't be edited


I am working on the Basic Core Data chapter and all went pretty well except when I add a New car the Make/Model and Price columns aren’t editable. Both columns are marked editable in the Attributes inspector. However, if I double-click on the placeholder text in either the Make/Model or Price columns nothing happens.

The placeholder text is “Table View Cell”; however, in the book it is shown as “Text Cell”. As far as I can tell placeholder text for cell based table views is “Text Cell” and for View Based tables it is “Table View Cell”. The table view automatically changes to a view based table view when I add the checkbox. So I am unsure how the book screen shots show a checkbox in the table but also show the “Text Cell” placeholder (doesn’t seem possible).

Either way, does anyone have any hints as to way the columns aren’t editable even though they are marked as such?

Here are my bindings if that helps (bindings for the cars NSArrayController)


Of course after spending a couple of hours trying to figure it on my own before posting, I found the solution about 1 minute after posting.

My problem was I was adding a Check Box and not a Check Box Cell to the table view in 3rd column. By adding Check Box Cell instead that kept the table a cell based table and then all worked well. I can edit the columns and everything is saved correctly as well.

Now I just have to read up on the different between a Check Box and a Check Box Cell.


Change back to check box and select Static Text in the outline, then in the attributes inspector you have a description saying “Behavior” and to the right of it a drop down box, change the value to editable.