nameLabel won't constrain to serialNumberLabel


At the bottom of page 375, I select both nameLabel and serialNumberLabel and pin Top and Bottom strut (it shows 4 constraints), then check the Height box (it shows 6, not 5). It always constrains nameLabel to the top of the tablecell and serialNumberLabel to the bottom of the tablecell.
I’ve done this several times. Anyone else seen this? What am I missing?



Problem Solved:
serialNumberLabel was too far north under nameLabel. The northern-y was less than (or equal to) the southern-y of nameLabel, so the next neighbor was actually the tableCell.
The tip-off was when I went to constrain just the nameLabel, the bottom number was 22 (awfully large). Selecting the serialNumberLabel and nudging it down a couple spots turned that 22 into 2. After that, things worked…sort of. Now I don’t see my thumbnail.